Native swirl

A spiral star of NZ natives, inspired by the shape of the green wharariki/flax seed capsules (Phormium cookianum).

Species in the ‘spokes’ going clockwise: yellow hokataka flowers (Corokia macrocarpa), dark red karo flowers (Pittosporum crassifolium), white mānuka flowers (Leptospermum scoparium), pink and white makomako/wineberry flowers (Aristotelia serrata), grey-green sand milk-weed flowers (Euphorbia glauca), brown whauwhaupaku/five-finger fruits (Pseudopanax arboreus), white ngaio flowers (Myoporum laetum), red-brown wharariki/flax flowers ((Phormium cookianum), and white rengarenga lily flowers (Arthropodium cirratum).

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